We are looking forward with great anticipation to the new exhibition and depot spaces at Kraftwerk Mitte. Preparations are in full swing so that visitors can then discover the fascinating world of puppet theatre there.

Kathi Loch, SKD
© SKD, Foto: Oliver Killig
Dr. Kathi Loch, Direktorin des Museums für Sächsische Volkskunst und der Puppentheatersammlung

The history of the collection

[Translate to English:] Die Geschichte der Sammlung

The collection can be traced to the Leipzig teacher Otto Link (1888–1959). He was editor of the first German puppeteering magazine and a co-founder of UNIMA, the international organization of puppeteers, in Prague in 1929. In 1952, the puppet theatre collection was established in Dresden and Link became its first director. Its growing holdings were presented in numerous travelling exhibitions. From 1960 to 2003, the collection was housed in the Hohenhaus in the town of Radebeul, and in 2004 it was moved to St. Martin’s Garrison Church in Dresden. 2005 marked the beginning of regular exhibitions at the Jägerhof.

© SKD, Foto: Frank Höhler

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