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© SKD, Foto: David Pinzer

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Marionettes, hand puppets and other theatre figures, entire stages and a copious archive – the Puppentheatersammlung (Puppet Theatre Collection) Dresden is one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. From 2023 it will have a new permanent home at Kraftwerk Mitte, a converted power station.

The collection

Puppet theatre is not only a fascinating art form. The wide-ranging holdings of the Puppentheatersammlung also reveal a great deal about the cultural history of their respective periods – primarily in Saxony, where for centuries travelling marionettists and hand puppeteers entertained audiences at inns and fairs.

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© SKD, Foto: Frank Höhler

The history of the collection

The history of the Puppentheatersammlung goes back nearly 70 years. The Leipzig teacher Otto Link established the collection, which has grown constantly ever since, telling the story of puppet theatre from the 18th century down to the present day.

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© SKD, Foto: Frank Höhler

Moving the collection to Kraftwerk Mitte

Off to Kraftwerk Mitte! From 2023 the Puppentheatersammlung will be able to benefit from large exhibition spaces in the new centre for culture and the creative economy in the former power station Kraftwerk Mitte. At last it will again be possible to put a larger proportion of these fascinating objects on public display.

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Kraftwerk Mitte

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